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75 Years of LEGO

Friday ...

Friday, 2007-08-10: The festival
The presents
Each one brings presents at birthday parties.
So the idea was born that every invited AFOL had to bring a 8x8 vignette where in any way 
a "75" is to be seen. 
Stephan will then attach them to a large plate and ready is the wall decoration ...
And there were some mosaics built by Bruno which were presented in the name of the employees.
b75vignette02.jpg (149580 Byte)
12 vignettes ...
b75vignette01.jpg (149691 Byte)
... built by ...
b75vignette03.jpg (146850 Byte)
... each AFOL
b75people10.jpg (150940 Byte) b75people09.jpg (166263 Byte)
the enthusiastic
birthday children
b75people11.jpg (161292 Byte)
b75people12.jpg (154759 Byte) b75people14.jpg (174460 Byte) b75people13.jpg (183586 Byte)
The festival
Every danish LEGO employee was invited to the festival. A colection of 25 diferent tents have been there. Either one want's to work on the large puzzle, or want's to ride an electrical bull, want's to relax or be entertained, for every visitor was the right tent there!
And they came to our tent too, scores of! Sometimes it was crowded (and hot too)!
But every LEGO employee was friendly, enthusiastic and interested. Ideal visitors!
arrangement of tents on the site
25 to choose of
b75tents01.jpg (71290 Byte) we AFOLs have been
in tent 16
b75some02.jpg (174722 Byte)
crowds in the
AFOL tent
b75people02.jpg (150959 Byte)
every MOC was 
inspected carefully
b75people04.jpg (136516 Byte)
he constructed some of
the NXT sensors
b75some03.jpg (161148 Byte)
with help from AFOLs
b75people03.jpg (147895 Byte)
LEGO employees
b75some13.jpg (174340 Byte)
built this mosaic
b75some05.jpg (166760 Byte) b75some04.jpg (157889 Byte)
programming robots at the MINDSTORMS tent (18)
b75some06.jpg (157427 Byte)
b75some07.jpg (180607 Byte) lunch at the great tent (8)
black tablecloth, plates
cutlery, candles and cups
only the cocktail glasses
in neon yellow
b75some08.jpg (175194 Byte)
b75some10.jpg (168516 Byte) b75some11.jpg (160504 Byte)
chocolate fundue
for 2000 guests
with harp music - delightful
b75some09.jpg (139800 Byte)
b75people05.jpg (173012 Byte)
Melody has ...
b75people06.jpg (179839 Byte)
.. a sweet nose ...
b75people07.jpg (183563 Byte)
b75people08.jpg (227928 Byte)
always headwind,
even without wind!
b75some14.jpg (193845 Byte)
relaxing with
gently music
b75some12.jpg (218544 Byte)
Court Chester
Evening entertainment
Starting at 17:00 there was music in the large tent from over seven decades. Elvis, Abba, Tina Turner up to todays music ...
b75people15.jpg (156201 Byte)
from Jette everyone ...
b75duck04.jpg (38745 Byte)
... got a present!
b75people16.jpg (182328 Byte)
group picture of all travellers
b75music01.jpg (86383 Byte)
Elvis is living in tent no. 8
b75music02.jpg (92411 Byte)
or is he?
b75music03.jpg (134549 Byte)
rarely dressed girls
and bagpipes music
b75music04.jpg (161799 Byte)
the finish:
confetti snowstorm
b75music06.jpg (147954 Byte) b75music05.jpg (258644 Byte)
finishing the festival
with pipes and drums
The end: 
After the last tone of the bagpipes and the last farewell of the colourful girls the event crew starts immediately to demolish each and every piece of the tents. Maybe the are in badly need of the parking space (festival site) ...
b75some15.jpg (156830 Byte) during the last farewell of the
colourful LEGO girls
the event crew starts demolishing!
b75some16.jpg (165492 Byte)
b75people17.jpg (147116 Byte)
late night drink at
the LEGO village

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