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75 Years of LEGO

Thursday ...

Thursday, 2007-08-09: arrival and set up
Arrival at Billund
The first sight at the arrival hall is planet LEGO ...
b75lufthaven01.jpg (182934 Byte)    
LEGOland Village and Billund
Directly from the airport I drove to LEGOland Village, where I shared a room with Beat from Switzerland.
Even the festival sight was easy to find, a tent of this size can't hide!
b75village01.jpg (189863 Byte)
b75village03.jpg (106464 Byte) b75village02.jpg (197592 Byte) b75village04.jpg (155766 Byte)
b75village05.jpg (159168 Byte) b75village06.jpg (139112 Byte)
A visit at the LEGO factory
We met at 16:00 at the LEGO Idea House. From there we started a guided tour to the nearby LEGO factory.
b75factory01.jpg (196944 Byte)

Sytemvej 1
LEGO Ideahouse

b75factory02.jpg (200947 Byte) b75factory03.jpg (196743 Byte) b75factory04.jpg (225405 Byte)

all AFOLs ready
for the tour

b75factory05.jpg (196185 Byte)
b75factory07.jpg (230527 Byte)
b75factory06.jpg (187878 Byte)
one of the first
injection moulding machines
of the factory
b75factory08.jpg (171635 Byte)
Aksel Krabbe, our guide
Building up and evening meal
After the tour through the factory we went back to our tent to set up our MOCs.
After that we all had evening meal with Jan at LEGOland castle ...
b75tent01.jpg (184915 Byte) the AFOL tent (16)
just under the entry lane
of Billund Lufthaven
b75tent02.jpg (138077 Byte)
b75kill01.jpg (146515 Byte) shock in the evening:
both of my gambling machines
were broken during the travel
inside of my suitcase!
b75kill02.jpg (147157 Byte)
b75some01.jpg (109188 Byte)
tokens for the next day:
eating, drinking, aso ...
b75people01.jpg (168438 Byte) b75castle01.jpg (174971 Byte)
evening meal at
the castle with Jan

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