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75 Years of LEGO

Friday ...

Friday, 2007-08-10: 
The MOCs of the AFOLs of tent no. 16 ...
Listing clockwise, starting at the entrance ...
A sandcastle, some houses, vignettes and a train engine ...
b75melody09.jpg (147514 Byte) b75melody08.jpg (133754 Byte) b75melody03.jpg (133571 Byte)
b75melody10.jpg (198761 Byte) b75melody11.jpg (129617 Byte) b75melody12.jpg (156332 Byte)
b75melody13.jpg (138790 Byte) b75melody01.jpg (184881 Byte) b75melody02.jpg (175006 Byte)
b75melody04.jpg (142443 Byte) b75melody05.jpg (156655 Byte) b75melody06.jpg (125291 Byte)
b75melody07.jpg (133398 Byte)
He built that "Arhus Townhall" ...
b75caspar03.jpg (117085 Byte) b75caspar01.jpg (127938 Byte) b75caspar02.jpg (139361 Byte)
"Wooden Puzzles" de luxe and a large mosaic ...
b75puzzle01.jpg (102486 Byte) b75puzzle02.jpg (123074 Byte) b75puzzle06.jpg (121005 Byte)
b75puzzle03.jpg (239659 Byte) b75puzzle04.jpg (165208 Byte) b75puzzle05.jpg (245079 Byte)
A nightmarish journey to the land of the "Tragons".
Minifigs beware! The Tragons are hungry!
b75tragon09.jpg (146658 Byte) b75tragon10.jpg (140156 Byte) b75tragon08.jpg (220132 Byte)
b75tragon02.jpg (203736 Byte) b75tragon03.jpg (199754 Byte)
b75tragon07.jpg (175250 Byte) b75tragon04.jpg (130504 Byte) b75tragon05.jpg (197064 Byte)
b75tragon01.jpg (195747 Byte) b75tragon06.jpg (159664 Byte)
Many of the LEGO employees played with my slot machine. And by each and every one it was the same, the win was used instantly for the next try ...
b75people20.jpg (74927 Byte) b75slotmachine01.jpg (109899 Byte)
Tanja & Bruno
No fresh breads from this bakery ...
... but a well done MOC from both!
b75bakery04.jpg (140552 Byte) b75bakery01.jpg (160681 Byte)
b75bakery02.jpg (153045 Byte) b75bakery03.jpg (121457 Byte)
His rebulit "Liebherr" excavator was phantastic!
Every funtion can be controlled via his remote!
b75liebherr06.jpg (121053 Byte) b75liebherr01.jpg (143001 Byte) b75liebherr03.jpg (151712 Byte)
b75liebherr05.jpg (166939 Byte) b75liebherr07.jpg (154144 Byte)
b75liebherr04.jpg (140266 Byte) b75liebherr08.jpg (140161 Byte) b75liebherr02.jpg (130649 Byte)
He built a large Star Wars star destroyer. And a lot of company ...
b75starwars02.jpg (111906 Byte) b75starwars01.jpg (136813 Byte) b75starwars03.jpg (129998 Byte)
Some nice trucks with real working excavator as load ...
b75truck04.jpg (110486 Byte) b75truck02.jpg (159797 Byte) b75truck03.jpg (134740 Byte)
b75truck01.jpg (138891 Byte) b75truck05.jpg (129082 Byte)
A crazy man! Just for one day erecting and destroying such a large building!
But it was an eyecatcher, this model of the Capitol!
b75capitol05.jpg (135218 Byte) b75capitol01.jpg (138367 Byte) b75capitol04.jpg (166633 Byte)
b75capitol07.jpg (144188 Byte) b75capitol02.jpg (159742 Byte) b75capitol06.jpg (149539 Byte)
b75capitol03.jpg (194333 Byte) b75capitol09.jpg (139060 Byte)
b75capitol11.jpg (161673 Byte) b75capitol10.jpg (175260 Byte) b75capitol12.jpg (155949 Byte)
b75capitol13.jpg (130883 Byte) b75capitol08.jpg (169875 Byte)
Hhhmmm, I don't know what to say about this MOC.
There was something like a contest, where different countries should be displayed inside the MOC, or so. I never understood what I have been told about ...
b75wiking01.jpg (125200 Byte)
b75wiking02.jpg (146677 Byte) b75wiking03.jpg (159598 Byte) b75wiking04.jpg (170002 Byte)
A genius that man and his MOC of the "Frauenkirche" at Dresden/Germany!
But as this is a very well known MOC I only took one picture of it, sorry ...
b75homa02.jpg (135923 Byte) b75homa01.jpg (141206 Byte)
A lovely diorama of a trainstation ...
b75trainstation03.jpg (157495 Byte) b75trainstation01.jpg (145262 Byte) b75trainstation02.jpg (146415 Byte)
A replica of his own BMW 635 CSi in 1:7 scale ...
b75bmw02.jpg (115713 Byte) b75bmw01.jpg (127356 Byte)
Here we have the "Miss Piggy" ice cream parlour in "girly colors", with bar and seats.
Another variation of the popular piggy bank is this rocketpig (pigs in space) ...
b75anja03.jpg (141261 Byte) b75anja02.jpg (153555 Byte) b75anja01.jpg (151132 Byte)
b75anja04.jpg (172932 Byte)
b75xspeed13.jpg (132769 Byte)
He built many cars well known from cinema and television ...
And there was a Borg Cube, the U.S.S. Enterprise and other space ships from the Star Trek universe, and a diaorama from the german childrens book "Robbi, Tobbi und das Fliewatüüt" ...
b75xspeed19.jpg (129938 Byte) b75xspeed01.jpg (174632 Byte)
b75xspeed04.jpg (160184 Byte) b75xspeed08.jpg (147057 Byte) b75xspeed05.jpg (170202 Byte)
b75xspeed07.jpg (178531 Byte) b75xspeed06.jpg (156583 Byte) b75xspeed09.jpg (156593 Byte)
b75xspeed11.jpg (148375 Byte) b75xspeed10.jpg (156587 Byte) b75xspeed12.jpg (121220 Byte)
b75xspeed02.jpg (163912 Byte) b75xspeed03.jpg (172024 Byte)
b75xspeed14.jpg (143071 Byte) b75xspeed15.jpg (149984 Byte) b75xspeed13.jpg (132769 Byte)
b75xspeed16.jpg (117052 Byte)
b75xspeed17.jpg (158006 Byte) b75xspeed18.jpg (193575 Byte)
There were three variations of the well known wooden duck, built by ...
b75duck01.jpg (115193 Byte)
... Jean-Luc Spring
b75duck02.jpg (119697 Byte)
... Bo Jensen
b75duck03.jpg (110876 Byte)
... Carsten Straaberg

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