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WRO 2011


Robot Olympiad / Exhibition: 
LEGO invited us to the World Robot Olympiad in Abu Dhabi to show our robots to the attendees ... and it was an experience!

our first visit ...

... in an empty hall

this is our "tent"

still much work ahead

Steven, Camilla & Jenn

briefing ...

... and many observing ...

... listeners

this way!

handout of our shirts

Robotic Expert

Robots Rock!

celebratory opening
coffee and ...
... falcons
busy scene

LEGO Education

one of the ...

... main sponsors ...

... of this event

Danny's Portrayer Robot

LEGO Education

unusual ... we got presents of the attending teams
colorful visitors
And now, clockwise starting at the entrance, all Robotic Experts and their creations ...
David Gilday: 
David and his Rubik's Cube!
He presented his robot that not only can solve the usual 3x3x3 Rubik's Cube ... No, his robot can solve the cube up to 5x5x5 ... unique!
In addition he showed us his newest creation ... the MindCuber. This robot can be built with the MINDSTORMS starter kit and solved the 3x3x3 cube unattended ... building instructions and program will be released soon!

preparing the table cloth ...

... and ready!

a Rubik's Cube is
always at hand!

this robot can solve the 5x5x5 Rubik's Cube!

a massive red cube
for calibration

the MindCuber

newly built
Michael Dobson: 
Michael is partner in crime of David ... and together they built the CubeStormer II robot ... the fastest robot worldwide solving a 3x3x3 Rubik's Cube ... in unbelievable 5.3 seconds!
Michael's part of the CubeStormer II is the mechanical side, the software is from David ...

Michael with a solved cube

fun at the stall

the CubeStormer II
4 NXT inside
a smartphone scans the cube

insert ... and ready!

the start button ...
Go! Go! Go!

certified deed

two external power supplies

one for the NXT part,
one for the PF part
Will Gorman: 
Will brought his 3D-printer.
When the printer is filled up with 2x2 bricks you only have to command what to print ... and immediately things are printed in 3D!

bricks are refilled

the 3D-printer is ready to go

Will and his creation

printing ...

choosing on screen ...

... what will be printed

clever mechanism ...

... for separating the bricks
Marc-André Bazergui: 
What would be Marc-André without his Wall.E? And so both come to Abu Dhabi.
Wall.E has reached version 5 by now ... better, larger and more beautiful than the predecessors!
It can lift unattended his body, fold out the treads and lowers his body again. And of course it can move his head and arms ...

Wall.E & Marc-André

tuning ...

... the treads ...

... and the drive

naked undercarriage

remote control ...

... for all functions
Wall.E 4 in the background

attraction for kids

Marc-André explains ...

... the program
Matthias Paul Scholz: 
Matthis Paul brought his model of the Hubble Telescope to Abu Dhabi!
This model shows how the diferent parts of the Hubble Telescope works. The antenna, the solar sails and the objective shutter are moved by motors.With two more motors the telescope can point to a poster of the stars and the built in web cam transfers the picture of the stars to the monitor ... just as the original telescope does it ...


erecting the telescope

the Hubble Telescope ...

... pointed to the stars

motors to move the telescope

controlled by remote control

lifting mechanism

Matthias Paul at work

the built in cam ...

... transfers the picture
Vassilis C. Nextstorm: 
Vassilis surprised us all ... and brought two entirely new and unknown robots, Titan & Hefiastos, to Abu Dhabi ... boxing robots!
A game for two players ... each player has a remote control to steers the robot and to let them fight.

Dummy, the prototype
Hefiastor, the red one
Hefiastor & Vassilis

Titan, the yellow one
remote with buttons for
each boxing hand ...

... and if you tilt the control
you drive the robot

treads and tilt-switches
Mike Brandl: 
LEGO asked for three robots ...
- the Globe Plotter, which paints a globe in three colors on an empty white ball ...
- my robotic arm Thing, which copies the movements of the control Puppeteer ((c) Andreas Dreier) ...
- and my Daedalus Labyrinth, the game where the player tries to move a ball to a labyrinth with a data helmet on his head ...

Daedalus Labyrinth

robotic arm "Thing" and
control "Puppeteer"

Globe Plotter

thrilled visitors

movements of this control ...

... are copied in realtime ...

... by this robotic arm

data helmet ready!
let's go!
photoshooting with the
chinese team

Puppeteer: remote control
for a five axis robotic arm

nice visitor
at my labyrinth ...

good starting time
for Anika!
how does this work?
nice little presents
from the teams
Martijn Boogaarts & Lotte van Zanten: 
Martijn supported Vassilis's Soccer Robots with Helmets ... and all visitors were delighted and had fun!

many, many ...

... players

Martijn explains
Kenneth Ravnshoj Madsen & Lasse Stenbaek Lauesen: 
Kenneth and Lasse had two creations with them ... their airship and the factory with warehouse and fork truck.

always great interest
for the airship

Kenneth with ...

... safety rope
factory and warehouse

steer the fork truck with the remote control
Anika & Arjen Brandsma: 
Anika brought her menagerie ... the Robot Duck and the Robot Rat.
On the play field the duck drives around until it meets the blue line. The it follows the line up to the nest, turns around and drops an egg into it ... and then came the rat and steals it! Not nice!

preparing the play field

the Robot-Duck

nest with egg

the Robot-Rat
maintainance work ...

... at the ...

... Robot-Rat
Anika in imperial delight - posing for a chinese blog

and Arjen too!
Chris & Karrie Shepherd: 
Chris brought his large model with four Flexpicker robots.
At the beginning of the conveyer belt some colorful bricks are dropped to the belt, passed the color sensor and afterwards were picked with fantastic accurcy by the Flexpicker and were dropped to the right bins.
These Flexpicker are built after real industrial robots by ABB (Asea Brown Boveri) ...
tedious erection ...
... of a large model ...
... consisting of four ...
... Flexpicker
each arm is equipped with
three NXT motors

one PF motor for the
valve for the gripper

one compressor

end switch and IR sender

elektro valve

two Flexpicker and
conveyer belt

air tank and pressure gauge
internal wiring

pressure switch
of the compressor
Mark Crosbie: 
Mark brought many robots ... two models of the Google-Street-View-Car and a handful Queboid Shooter.
His Street-View-Car equates the original Google cars. Four webcams mounted on a SUV are shooting pictures automatically. The waypoints are paired with GPS data and transferred via bluetooth to a computer.
The Queboid Shooter are small, remote controlled robots for two player, who are trying to shoot balls at the goal of the opponent.
Will chatting with Mark

Street-View-Car Vers. 1

Street-View-Car Vers. 2

four webcams

GPS-receiver, Bluetooth

data transfer to the PC

Queboid Shooter

treads on four sides

built in shooter

very compact

remote ...

... made by Philo

fun at the table
Arthur Sacek: 
Three dimensional objects are Arthur's favourite! He brought two milling machines to Abu Dhabi.
The yellow milling machine is capable to mill three dimensional objects out of a foam block but without undercuts.
The red 360° milling machine can rotate the foam block thus undercuts are possible.
The milling took very long time, but the resulting milled objects were very accurate!

3D-objekte from the PC ...

... are sent to the
milling machine

slow but accurate

the cutter drills often ...

... from above to
the foam block ...

... and mills the 3D object

milled objects

much dirt at work

360° milling machine
with rotating foam block


the 360° milling machine
at work
ready made work of the
360° milling machine
WRO 2011 - Teams: 
Sadly I had less time to visit many teams and look at their creations.
Here is a short overview of their robots ...
play fields

silence before the storm

robotic team from ...

... South Korea
line follower

Robot to rescue ...

... burried people

fire extinguisher

soft drinks and ...

... food robot

interesting ...

... inside

Cook Omelette Robot




Disco Robot

Guitar Player ...

... with dog
Xmas Ball Plotter
rescue robot ...

... from Russia
greetings from ...

... Germany

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