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WRO 2011

Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi - Mall: 
As the arrival day was not planned as "LEGO", except for a meeting in the evening some of us gathered together to do some sight seeing in Abu Dhabi. The cab - cheap and a crazy fast driver - took us to the next mall to look around and to eat something ...
a small mall

fountain and figurine

Air Condition!

elevator through an aquarium
... and they choose Pizza ...
what else in Abu Dhabi? ;)
Abu Dhabi - Sheikh Zayed Mosque: 
Afterwards we went by cab - as always in Abu Dhabi - to the large Sheikh Zayed Mosque. This is the largest mosque in the United Arab Emirates and the third largest mosque worldwide. It is named after sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, one of the founders and first president of the United Arab Emirates, who's grave is on the mosque ground ...

Sheikh Zayed Mosque

224 x 174 m

room for 40.000 prayers

third largest mosque worldwide
82 domes

largest dome worldwide
32 m diameter

escalator to the
"changing rooms"

women are only allowed
with suitable clothing



4 minarets each 107 m tall

Karrie & Chris

mother of pearl on marble

24 carat gold on the roof

our small group of "pilgrims"

entrance to the mosque

chandelier ...

... from Germany

an Adhan ...

... or prayer watch

largest chandelier in a mosque

seven chandeliers from Germany and millions of Swarovski chrystals

5627 m2
largest carpet worldwide

47 tons heavy

1300 weavers knots

italian marble

inlay ...

... with mother of pearls and semi-precious stones

96 pillars

Matthias Paul

Lotte & Martijn

87.000 glas-mosaic-stones ...

... made in Murano, Italy

Abu Dhabi - at the beach & Mall: 
After our visit to the mosque we headed to the beach and tried to find some typical arabian market.
We found the beach, but no market!
The day ended in another, but much larger mall, where we had something to eat ...
sandy beach

Anika & Lotte ...

... in the water
looking for the market

we only found ...

... some small ...

... market stall ...

... with cookware

Karrie with some sweets

and Chris ...

... gets his part of!

I can't read it ...

... but I know the logo
Abu Dhabi - meeting Steven and Jenn: 
The proposed meeting at 16:00 finally set place at 20:00 ... and we got first impressions about the Olympiad and the exhibition hall ... and learned that quite large parts arn't finished yet!

Steven narrates ...

... and all ...

... are listening!

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