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RC 2010
RSEC 2010


The Challenge: 
From the possible classes:
- Linefollower (Normal and Enhanced)
- Puck Collect
- Humanoid Sprint
- Freestyle
- Sumo (Standard, Mini, Micro, Nano, Humanoid und Deathmatch)
I have choosen the humanoid classes (Humanoid Sprint and Humanoid Sumo) and took part with two robots each ...

The Sumo classes have been part of the Robot Sumo European Championship!
The Challenge - Humanoid Sprint: 
The mission: Walk a straight path of 2.1 m (7 ft), cross the black line, turn around 180 degrees and walk back the same path ...

For the Sprint Challenge I have slightly modified my humanoid sumo robot Evil Bill alias Granny (Granny). He walked very slowly but fulfilled the mission perfectly. Granny finished on second place in this mission!

My second robot Speed Rex - a modified Alpha Rex walked the path in the very shortest time of the qualification runs. Unfortunately during the finals Speed Rex (Speed Rex) hits the wall twice and finished fourth ...

Granny during the
qualification run

180 degrees turn

the end is near
very fast Speed Rex

fastest run during the qualification run

a combatant ...

... just bought

a self constructed sprinter
(and winner)

another LEGO sprinter

semi finale - Speed Rex
hits the wall

Finale - the small one is
the fastest

Humanoid Sprint

Humanoid Sprint

Granny's "sprint"
(14 MB)
Speed Rex at the turn
(4 MB)

Speed Rex at the finish
(10 MB)
the winner Hati
during qualification run (10 MB)

the winner Hati
at the final (6 MB)
The Challenge - Humanoid Sumo: 
The mission: Push your opponent - a humanoid robot - out of the ring. Three rounds, three minutes each. A robot pushed out of the ring or touching the play field with any other part than his feet looses ...

For this mission I built two robots, Evil Bill and Evil Ted (Evil Bill & Evil Ted).
They could shift their COG over their two feet to each side. For motion their shoe soles were moveable. Both robots were very sturdy and no opponent manages it to knock them over!

This challenge was part of the Robot Sumo European Championship and Evil Bill become European Champion while Evil Ted finished third!

Wolverine attacks ...

... over and over!

Ooops, fallen!

local derby

uneven opponents

Hati's Knok Out
(7 MB)

search the enemy


mess with ...

... the best ...

... die like the rest!

Humanoid Sumo

Humanoid Sumo

battle for third place
(8 MB)

(21 MB)
The Challenge - the other missions: 
The other missions I watched only from time to time, as there was a gap between testing of the robots and programming another move.
And of course, afterwards, as I finished my missions ...

Stephan at Standard Sumo

Stephan's bot

Standard Sumo

Standard Sumo

Mini Sumo

Mini Sumo
Nano Sumo
Puck Collect

Puck Collect

Puck Collect

Linefollower Enhanced

Linefollower Enhanced

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