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LEGO World 2010

Saturday - LEGO World

Saturday - Arrival: 
To fly to the Netherlands is really nice ... no Homeland Security  delaying my visit!
LEGO WORLD here I come!
Waiting for me at the airport - Stephan, best driver in town!
  Stephan and me
stayed at the Golden Tulip
in Epe (near Zwolle).

Nice hotel,
but 5 € for one hour
internet access is crazy!
Golden Tulip
map of the halls

The first impression ...

... is huge!

One of several ...

... large halls!
Saturday - LEGO World Zwolle: 
After our check-in we headed straight to the Mindstorms booth ...
Many known faces and robots. And a lot of new things!

Mindstorms booth
this time we MCP
built QR-codes out of
LEGO tiles - instant
link to our sites
via mobile phone!
programing session

Eric built this huge
remote controlled
robot ...

... equiped with camera, webcam and colorful lights


solar panels and omni-wheels

DIY omni-wheels

Xander built this robot
as part of the large

Xander's robot in action
(10 MB)

Rosetta lander

Jay's huge six-wheeled
monster ...

... one NXT per wheel!

Monster Chess ...

... made in USA

every piece with
automatic movement

auto game ...

... or manuel input

can this Mindstorms robot fly when we attach some balloons?

sadly there were not enough balloons available (100 pcs should have done the trick)

Jetro "Satchmo" Château


activated with a pressure switch

mini robot animal

Mastermind with colored balls
or with RFID-chips


Danny and his ...

... portrait-robot

robot creation ...

... of Matthias Paul

remote controlled with ...

... a "magic wand"

programing ...

... a GBC-module ...

... with Mindstorms

Stephan's GBC-module
in action (6 MB)

Vassilis controlled ...

... his robot with ...

... his special helmet ...

... only by turning / tilting ...

... his head!

Stephan is interested

children were ...

... allowed to try
as this boy recognized ...
... that Vassilis is "NeXTSTORM" ...
... he was amazed!

Vassilis controlls his
robot (6 MB)

Laurens with his books ...

... and his creations

remote controll with
gear shifting ...

... for his car
rotating musical instrument
line follower

automatic ...

... Snakes and Ladders game
factory for
LEGO christmas trees

at Zwolle my ball plotter
produced "Jac-O-Lantern"

CPC converted to ...

... Flagball 

let's play Flagball
(15 MB)
Zwolle at the evening: 
On saturday we had our meal at the IJsselhallen together with all the other attendees ... just delivered from the chinese restaurant.
Later on we did a sightseeing tour through Zwolle at night ...

legoworld zwolle 2010      @mike's page > hobbies > mindstorms > weltweit lego > legoworld zwolle 2010 > saturday - lw     sunday - lw