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10 Years LEGO

Thursday ...

Thursday, 2008-11-20: The festival
Presents : Each one brings presents at birthday parties.
So the idea was born that every invited MCP had to bring a 8x8 vignette where in any way 
a "10" is to be seen.
I then attached them on a base plate (thx Jan!) and ready was the wall decoration ...
m10vig02.jpg (136378 Byte)
15 vignettes ...
m10vig01.jpg (135509 Byte)
... and one ...
m10vig03.jpg (137903 Byte)
... Sacher cake
m10vig05.jpg (97480 Byte) m10vig04.jpg (112881 Byte)
... for Steven
m10vig06.jpg (111445 Byte)
The festival: At the Idea House everything was prepared for a small birtday party.
K.K.K., Soren Lund & co. talked about their expirience of the first ten years of Mindstorms.
After that we all had sparkling wine and Mindstorms cake ...  
m10birthday01.jpg (137231 Byte)
LEGO Idea House
m10birthday03.jpg (38793 Byte) m10birthday02.jpg (203634 Byte)
Sytemvej 1
m10birthday04.jpg (83579 Byte)
introduction by Jette
m10birthday05.jpg (95523 Byte)
Kjeld talked about his Mindstorms commemoration
m10birthday06.jpg (74971 Byte)
Torben had other memories than Kjeld
m10birthday11.jpg (104787 Byte)
awarding ...
m10birthday15.jpg (107259 Byte)
... the involved
m10birthday14.jpg (111929 Byte)
Kjeld and Søren with the MUPpets David and Ralph
m10birthday13.jpg (116289 Byte)
golden RCX
m10birthday16.jpg (133019 Byte)
Steven shows his present
m10birthday20.jpg (87314 Byte)
personal devotement
m10birthday10.jpg (110949 Byte) m10birthday09.jpg (101446 Byte) m10birthday08.jpg (109231 Byte)
m10birthday07.jpg (65406 Byte) m10birthday17.jpg (66744 Byte)
m10birthday12.jpg (104079 Byte)
Special exhibition: After the party a special exhibition was opened where prototypes, robots from ten years Mindstorms and some other cool things were showed ...
m10exhibit01.jpg (62977 Byte)
these robots talks with melodies
m10exhibit04.jpg (68870 Byte) m10exhibit02.jpg (117831 Byte)
articulated head with camera eyes
m10exhibit03.jpg (118907 Byte)
m10exhibit05.jpg (117120 Byte)
Jin Sato's dog
m10exhibit06.jpg (117884 Byte)
one armed bandit
m10exhibit07.jpg (94406 Byte)
Mindstorms NXT
m10exhibit08.jpg (97687 Byte)
Alpha prototype
m10exhibit09.jpg (144580 Byte)
Fay's peacock
m10exhibit10.jpg (74491 Byte)
two feet and no brain
m10exhibit11.jpg (73331 Byte)
m10exhibit12.jpg (61631 Byte)
m10exhibit13.jpg (97625 Byte)
Vision Command
m10exhibit14.jpg (74913 Byte)
NXT prototype
m10exhibit15.jpg (69583 Byte)
RIS 1.0
m10exhibit16.jpg (77537 Byte)
m10exhibit17.jpg (106546 Byte)
some software
m10exhibit18.jpg (102802 Byte)
Vision Command
m10exhibit19.jpg (97731 Byte)
Mission Mars
m10exhibit20.jpg (102801 Byte)
Ultimate Accessory Set
m10exhibit21.jpg (120084 Byte)
Dark Side Developer Kit
m10exhibit22.jpg (86153 Byte)
m10exhibit23.jpg (93968 Byte)
RIS 1.0
m10exhibit24.jpg (83535 Byte)
Micro Scout
m10exhibit25.jpg (71409 Byte)
RIS 1.0
m10exhibit26.jpg (99683 Byte)
Extreme Creatures & Robo Sports
m10exhibit27.jpg (106783 Byte)
m10exhibit28.jpg (113157 Byte)
Da Vinci robot
m10exhibit29.jpg (78121 Byte)
m10exhibit30.jpg (105943 Byte)
m10exhibit31.jpg (75897 Byte)
m10exhibit34.jpg (57764 Byte)
RCX prototype
m10exhibit33.jpg (120896 Byte)
1455 Programmable Interface
m10exhibit32.jpg (98700 Byte)
m10exhibit35.jpg (68197 Byte)
RCX  s/n 000001
m10exhibit36.jpg (48271 Byte)
NXTmotor prototype
m10exhibit37.jpg (59304 Byte)
NXT prototype
m10exhibit38.jpg (84485 Byte)
NXT prototype
m10exhibit39.jpg (58013 Byte)
NXT decoration
m10exhibit40.jpg (38817 Byte)
HALE Balloon

m10exhibit41.jpg (52182 Byte)
NXT controlled airplane
m10exhibit42.jpg (75854 Byte)
NXT controlled airplane
Meal : After the exhibition we had meal at the Idea House, starting the first expert discussions ...
m10dinner01.jpg (111691 Byte)
in the shaddow ...
m10dinner03.jpg (106996 Byte)
... of the six times larger ...
m10dinner02.jpg (109422 Byte)
... LEGO castle
m10dinner04.jpg (105807 Byte)
we had meal
m10dinner05.jpg (109590 Byte)
and watched robots
m10dinner06.jpg (121569 Byte)
we brought with us
m10dinner07.jpg (99183 Byte)
3D plotter by Andreas
m10dinner08.jpg (72038 Byte)
3D scanner by Andreas
m10dinner09.jpg (97078 Byte)
underwater excavator by
Martyn, Eric & Daniel
Noon and evening : After meal we met with Steven and more Mindstorms guys for play and chat. It  was long day, until late night ...
m10play01.jpg (58963 Byte)
starting with a small workshop
m10play02.jpg (102315 Byte)
Steven explains
m10play03.jpg (102975 Byte)
some workgroups ...
m10play04.jpg (120215 Byte)
... did concepts ...
m10play05.jpg (100221 Byte)
... and presented them
m10play06.jpg (132148 Byte)
after that we played
m10play08.jpg (136055 Byte)
free building ...
m10play07.jpg (121255 Byte)
Laurens has fun
m10play09.jpg (104152 Byte)
... whatever we like

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