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10 Years LEGO

Friday ...

Friday, 2008-11-21: Museum, factory & co
Museum - LEGO Idea House : Meeting at 09:00 at the museum at the LEGO Idea House.
Jette welcomed us and showed us around ...
m10museum03.jpg (93696 Byte)
dark, but interesting
m10museum02.jpg (119159 Byte) m10museum01.jpg (83173 Byte)
bad dog!
m10museum06.jpg (140038 Byte)
the important exhibits - 
m10museum05.jpg (112006 Byte) m10museum04.jpg (125070 Byte)
watching advertisment
m10museum07.jpg (99211 Byte)
we have seen that castle yesterday - six times larger!
m10museum08.jpg (111865 Byte)
it all started with wood
m10museum09.jpg (111989 Byte)
sadly discontinued - Fabuland
m10museum11.jpg (98222 Byte) m10museum16.jpg (123922 Byte)
an impressive figure
"The Walker"
m10museum12.jpg (127009 Byte)
m10museum13.jpg (125664 Byte)
Mindstorms at the
"Wired" Magazin
m10museum17.jpg (75227 Byte)
the patent specification
for the LEGO brick
m10museum18.jpg (64356 Byte)
the injection mould
m10museum10.jpg (111734 Byte)
a room full of Duplo
m10museum14.jpg (115303 Byte)
old 12V trains
m10museum15.jpg (115626 Byte)
original und duplicate
Factory: After the museum we had a tour through the factory. But as it is forbidden to take pictures there ...
... you can see only some impressions from the lobby.
m10factory09.jpg (89013 Byte)
weather as usual -
sun and rain
m10factory02.jpg (243485 Byte)
nice motif at the lobby ...
m10factory08.jpg (232452 Byte)
... made of many parts
m10factory04.jpg (100323 Byte)
m10factory03.jpg (119991 Byte)
the well known 
Axel Krabbe Nielsen
guided us
m10factory01.jpg (122561 Byte)
m10factory05.jpg (134836 Byte) m10factory07.jpg (113070 Byte) m10factory06.jpg (137530 Byte)
Noon and Evening: We met again at noon for chat and play.
Flemming presented some new software and Steve talked about new hardware ...
m10chat01.jpg (79516 Byte)
Flemming reports
m10chat02.jpg (88735 Byte)
Steve refers
m10chat06.jpg (111071 Byte)
discussion about new software
m10chat04.jpg (92242 Byte)
Joe Meno built a
small Alpha Rex ...
m10chat07.jpg (103172 Byte)
m10chat03.jpg (100025 Byte)
... and Daniel started
a small batch series
m10rcxnxt01.jpg (55930 Byte)
souvenier from Billund
  m10brickjournal01.jpg (77532 Byte)
news from Brickjournal
m10chat05.jpg (144168 Byte)
a group picture for farewell
Presents: Did I mention that we got presents from LEGO?
Each MCP got a golden NXT, limited to 30 pieces!
nxt_white_t.jpg (97248 Byte) nxt_gold_t.jpg (117033 Byte)
Night: After saying good bye to Steven we went to the restaurant where we had another long chat.
After that we had our big farewell. Martyn & co were leaving by car and the others by plane on the next day ...

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