The MCP Trans-Atlantic Challenge (MCP TAC).
finally, I get to upload a challenge to you. It has been long in the making, and though there are a gazillion ideas to pick, and already an amazing amount of brilliant inspiring NXT inventions in play, I have chosen the below concept...

This Challenge has a dual purpose: 1. to pitch the North American MCP members against the European MCPs (or vice versa), and 2. make two absolutely awesome robots in the process.

There will be two teams, names to be selected by the team members, (suggestion: Team America and Team Europa?), and each team will consist of as many North American and European MCP members respectively, who are interested in participating. So, it is Old World vs. New World. I know it is geographically challenged, so long distance teamwork is the key to success here... I know of a successful example here in Europe, so it should be feasible...

The team members decide among themselves how to complete the challenge and divide the tasks ahead.

The Challenge:
To build a big humanoid robot, using 3 NXT sets per team. For the time being we can call the model ‘Super-Rex’. Alternative names are welcome.
It is permitted to add 3rd party sensors to the model.

To avoid making too many rules, for you to break or bypass, a few simple targets must be fulfilled and the following guidelines apply:

The humanoid robot must be larger than an Alpha Rex (the larger the better).
The robot must be bipedal, as in able to walk using two legs and feet – and with a flight phase, meaning NOT shuffling over the surface. And be able to move forwards, backwards and turn.
The robot must also have workable, moving arms. The term humanoid is here used to specify that the more anthropomorphic the robot is, the better.

The robot must be able to detect (free choice of sensors/method) the other robot, move towards (or flee from) it, and engage in a fight that leaves only one robot standing. Throwing, kicking, pushing, hitting, punching (in the face of) the opponent robot is allowed – if not expected.